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A Dinosaur that Thought It Was a Crocodile

NAME:Suchomimus tenerensis, meaning "Crocodile mimic from Tenere".

SIZE:13meters(42feet) long and 4meters(16feet) tall.

FOOD:Meat and probanly fish too.

HABITAT:Outskirts of rainforests.

LIVED:Early Cretaceous.
Suchomimus tenerensis fragments were discovered in Niger in 1995. Since then, almost all of its skeleton has been found by Dr. Paul Sereno.
Suchomimus was a member of the spinosaurid family. Its closest relative was Baryonyx. Suchomimus had tall spines on its back like Spinosaurus, only smaller, and had a very crocodile-like skull(hence the name "crocodile mimic"). It is believed that Suchomimus ate fish like its relative Baryonyx. It probably ate other dinosaurs too, and was probably the dominant predator of its time (perhaps with the exeption of Sarcosuchus, the giant crocodilian). The long snout was also used to burrow into carcasses. Spinosaurs also had very long arms for a theropod, suggesting to some that they may have walked on all four legs sometimes (This theory has generally been abandoned). These arms were suitable for grabbig fish or slashing at other dinosaurs with its big claws. It has been suggested that Suchomimus had a large sack on its neck like a pelican to store fish in, however, there is no evidence to back this theory up.

The mounted skeleton of Suchomimus (above)