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NAME:Phorusrhacos, meaning "Rag bearer".

SIZE:1.5meters(8feet)-3meters(10feet) tall.

FOOD:Meat:it was a hunter scavenger.


LIVED:27 million-15,000 years ago in South America.

SPECIES VARIANTS: P.inflatus, P.longimissi, P.walleri*

Phorusrhacos was an extremely successful animal in South America and was the top predator before North America and South America joined together, allowing animals to cross from continent to continent. Many animals migrated southwards, including Smilodon, which replaced Phorusrhacos as top predator. Some of the only animals to migrate north were its relatives such as Titanis.
The arival of the likes of Smilodon did not particularly bother Phorusrhacos since Smilodon's sabre teeth stopped it from eating all of its kills. Phorusrhacos quickly adapted to this and started to scavenge off Smilodon kills. When no free meals were available Phorusrhacos was well capable of catching and killing animals such as Macrauchenia.
Phorusrhacos had small claws on the ends of its wings which no one really knows what were for. They were probaly just throwbacks from its dinosaurian ancestry.
There are more than one species of Phorusrhacos. P.inflatus was reletively small for a phorusrhacoid at 1.5metres(5feet) tall and lived earlier than P.longimissi which may have been as much as 3metres(10feet) tall. This has lead some to believe that they may be of two seperate genera. Bones of Phorusrhacos' relative Titanis walleri from southern USA are beginning to complete the picture of Phorusrhacos and some believe that Titanis walleri is not a seperate genus at all and should be renamed Phorusrhacos walleri.