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A European Ridge-Backed Theropod

NAME:Altispinax, meaning "High thorn"

SIZE:8meters long and 3meters tall.

FOOD:Meat, possibly fish.

HABITAT:River areas.

LIVED:The Cretacious period in Europe.

Altispinax got its name from the spines on its back which was once believed to be a sail but is now believed by some to be a camel-like hump. These spines are not the type specimen of Altispinax, which is actually a tooth. For this reason, the spines were given a new name, Becklespinax. Estimated to have been about 8 meters long, it was an average sized member of the theropod group. Its head has not yet been found, but may have been similar to Baryonyx.
Altispinax could have ate a combination of flesh and fish like Baryonyx.
Altispinax was at one time classified as a member of the Spinosauridae, because of the long spines referred to it, but this is no longer thought to be an accurate classification. Altispinax may be a megalosaur.


Painting is of Spinosaurus, another theropod with long spines.