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A Strange Ridge-Backed Theropod

NAME:Acrocanthosaurus atokensis.

SIZE:13meters(42feet) long and 4.7meters tall.


HABITAT:Dry areas.

LIVED:The Cretaceous period in North America.

Acrocanthosaurus had elongated spines on its back. Despite this it was not a spinosaurid. It was a close relative of Allosaurus. Even though it was 13 meters long, had very powerful arms, and was one of the fastest theropods around, it was by no means the most infamous theropods of all times. In North America it was overshadowed by the mighty Tyrannosaurus and in South America Giganotosaurus.
Scientists believe Acrocanthosaurus could run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour making it a frightening prospect for prey items. Acrocanthosaurus' jaws and teeth were not as strong as a tyrannosaur's, so it needed its arms to help hold onto struggling prey.
Acrocanthosaurids went extinct before the end of the Cretaceous probably due to extreme competition from other advanced carnivores such as tyrannosaurids and abelisaurids.