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A Horned Theropod
NAME:Ceratosaurus, meaning "Horned lizard".

SIZE: 4.6-6 metres (13-20 feet) long and 2.5 metres (8 feet) high.

FOOD: Meat.

HABITAT: Woodlands and plains.

LIVED: Late Jurassic period in North America and possibly Africa.

Ceratosaurus terrified cinema audiences in 1914 when machine models of it appeared in D. W. Griffith's film Brute Force. This was not the last time Ceratosaurus appeared in a movie. In 2001 it made a brief appearance in Jurassic Park III. All it did was sniff spinosaur dung and walk away.
Ceratosaurus was the last of the ceratosaurs but was also the most advanced(there is still dispute whether or not abelisaurids count as ceratosaurs). It was probably quite fast and hunted smaller dinosaurs such as Dryosaurus.
Ceratosaurus' most striking features were the horn on its head accompanied by bumpy ridges and the fact that it had four fingered hands.
Ceratosaurus became extinct before the Cretaceous most likely because of competition from allosaurids in North America and spinosaurids in Africa(that is if Ceratosaurus actually lived in Africa since partial theropod remains have been clasified as possibly being that of Ceratosaurus).

Ceratosaurus skeletal reconstruction (above).