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A Giant Monitor Lizard
NAME:Megalania prisca.

SIZE:8-10meters(25-34feet) long.


LIVED:2million years ago during the mega fauna era in Australia.

HABITAT:Woodlands and rivers.

The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world today. It is between 3 and 5 meters long. Its extinct relative Megalania dwarfs it in size (8-10 meters) and is the largest known land lizard ever. The Komodo dragon lives in Indonesia and Megalania lived in Australasia. It probanly migrated to Indonesia by swimming across channels of islands since it was a good swimmer.
Megalania's hunting tactics were probably much like its modern counterpart's. Since it ate much rotten flesh its mouth would be a breeding ground for bacteria meaning a bite would cause infection. Megalania ambushed its prey and followed it for days,maybey even weeks until it grew weak and died. Then Megalania would have an easy meal.
Megalania was also semi-aquatc so it may have ambushed prey like a crocodile.
Some people believe Megalania still roams the deepest darkest outback of Australia but no solid evidence has been found to enforce these claims. It is more likely that a few Komodo dragons may still live in Australia and are very rarely seen.