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NAME:Titanis, meaning "Giant".

SIZE:2.5meters(8feet) tall.



LIVED:3million years-400,000 years ago in North America.

When North America and South America joined via a landbridge which is now known as the Panama Isthmus just over 1 million years ago the phorusrhacids were the only major group of predators to successfully migrate northwards. There they ran riot and the deadliest phorusrhacid of them all evolved, Titanis.
Titanis shared the typical characteristics of phorusrhacids; large beak, strong legs with sharp claws etc. except it had arms instead of wings. It would probably hunt by ambush killing small horses such as Hipparion, killing them with stamps from its powerfull legs and claws or crush them in its massive beak. For larger prey, Titanis probably used its two fingered arms to hold it from struggling. A combination of broken bones from Titanis' powerful beak and blood loss from its claws would kill in moments.


Yeah, I drew that picture. Great(READ:CRAP) isnt it?